The key to culminating profound and vast human connection is masterful storytelling; this is why a feeling of great power and excitement washes over when you find just the right words or artistic outlet to express yourself at the highest potential. Our team has spent years chasing that feeling. We’ve fervently filled journals with phrases and visions, made beats, written riffs and new arrangements, all to tell our own story musically. Our greatest asset, however, is collaboration. We strive to thrive by writing alongside talented vocalists and assisting songwriters in developing their personal creations. Whether the finished product expresses idiosyncratic truths or lays down the ultimate dance beat, we make sure the song is authentic, unique, and tells the story how you want it to be told.



A great composition and arrangement can make all the difference in a musical piece. To properly convey the emotions necessary, one must know the possibilities of where to go within a given key or mood, and also how to break rules and explore new chords and combinations. When the chords change and new instruments come in, it can change the whole feel. Our team prides itself on years of studying theory and composition from some of the greatest in the industry. Our musical resume reflects our experience writing popular music, scoring TV shows, and short films of all types of genres with all types of instrumentation. We always try to find a sweet spot between traditional chord structures, while also providing a unique perspective.

Production Music

There is simply no other way around it; the beat has got to slap. The sounds have to right, the sound design has to be on point. We understand the hours necessary and time it takes to get the right vibe. All my fellow producers out there know what its like to spend hours sifting through snare drums or changing parameters in Omnisphere. Whether its making beats from scratch, or helping a singer through the vocal delivery, our team loves to produce high quality music and make songs come to life.

Drop Top Music La - Audio Engineering

Audio Engineering

To understand the importance of things like mic placement, signal flow, mixing, and mastering, one has to spend years learning from great teachers in great studios with great gear. Luckily we have had the fortune of doing just that. You would be surprised how many little details go into recording, and how much ear development it takes to hear minor noise in a mix. Our team has spent years developing our skills and investing in the best gear so that we can waste no time capturing the best music, and making it sound excellent on a phone or in an arena.

Session Musicians

Our love for creating music started with an obsession of learning to play music. Some of our heroes shredded electric guitars and destroyed drum sets on stages, and others wore tuxedos and played violins and oboes in concert halls. For decades our founders have practiced, performed, and recorded themselves playing guitars, basses, pianos, and drums. And then they spent years developing relationships with people who played them better. Through our growth as musicians and the necessity for great session players we have developed a wide network of professional musicians who tour and record with the elite of the music industry. We love finding clients who appreciate a good saxophone and then connecting them to the best in the game.

Drop Top Music LA - Drew Dvorsky